As we turn the corner into the latter half of 2020, everything seems to be in upheaval. It’s hard to imagine anyone not aware of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, or of the reignited racial conflict. Businesses are closing; many permanently. Things are so uncertain, that the phrase “uncertain times” has now been criticised as insincere.

So, what better time, uncertain as it is, to begin anew? After 15 years in an industry that centered entirely around how technology can optimize the number of people packed into a conference room, it seems as though I wouldn’t be alone in taking an introspective pause. To paraphrase Ian Malcom, perhaps we should have stopped to consider whether this was the right strategy.

In my industry, we didn’t weigh the consequences of commonly shared touch interfaces and cables. Of tightly packed row seating or intimate “collaboration pods”. In a future where conference room technology may become obsolete, or indeed maybe even dangerous, perhaps now is the moment to do something new. And whether or not you believe “this will all blow over”, it is clear that corporations have now been made immediately aware that offices, conference rooms, and the technology and furniture that went with them, may not be the value proposition they once appeared to be.

Where I find myself at this moment is looking back at my coworkers, friends, and teammates, all of whom were critical to my long successful time in corporate AV. Every one of them will be missed dearly. It was a privilege to work alongside these dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful folks. I’m hopeful this new chapter gives me the opportunity to join a new team where I can learn and contribute.

That leaves me here. I’m beginning to collect some examples of my work and I will be archiving them in this portfolio. And I’m looking forward to showcasing some of my projects and talents.

If you’re looking for a Minneapolis-based developer – or one who is comfortable working remote – I am available now for full time and contract work.